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600ml (2½ cups) milk
½ teaspoon salt
(1 cup) Solomon’s Fine Semolina
2 standard eggs, separated
(½ cup) castor sugar
1 lemon rind finely grated
(½ cup) seedless raisins, washed
Margarine for cooking
Icing sugar for dusting


Heat milk and salt and when just warm sprinkle in semolina.
Cook and stir, until mixture comes to boil and thickens. Simmer gently for 5-7 minutes. Beat in egg yolks. Remove from heat, stir in sugar, lemon rind and raisins. Whisk egg whites until firm and stiff, fold lightly into mixture. Leave until cold. Heat margarine in a pan until sizzling then gently drop teaspoon of the mixture in.

Cook for about 1-1½ minutes until golden brown.
Drain thoroughly on kitchen paper. Place on a serving dish. Serve hot, dusted with icing sugar. Serve fritters with a thin jam sauce.

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